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South Florida's Most Experienced Addiction Counselor Featured on Psychology Today. Top Rated Addiction Expert With High Success Rate. 

Treat with the best and stay under the care of someone who can truly support you on the path of recovery. Marilyn Rueda provides the positive reinforcement you have been looking for with compassion centered key techniques to live a healthy life and maintain balance. Our bilingual, multi-cultural Addiction Expert offers prevention, recovery, and maintenance solutions worldwide and across the entire continuum of care for all types of addictions of all ages. 

Our Treatment Focus



Miami addictions focuses on getting you to where you need to get to as far as a complete transformation of the inner you. We see through the deep, underlying issues of the combined past, present, and future concerns in relevance to the type of addiction. Our exclusive, unique, and dynamic approach gives you the opportunity to practice newly gained sober living skills under the care of a safe, confidential, and supportive Recovery Expert. We offer personalized, convenient sessions, individually tailored-care, to fit your specific needs. 

Our Patient Promise



Our Recovery Expert, will help you start your new life free from alcohol, drugs, or any other type of addiction. This is what we do and this is what we know. Our licensed, knowledgeable, and highly experienced multi-cultural Addiction Expert will help you develop new habits, new routines, help you develop abilities you didn't even know you had, with a positive mind-set while applying that knowledge and insight into your daily life, all while addressing any age-specific addiction concerns and issues with the perks of daily check-ins.

Our Specialty


Addiction Counseling

 Addiction Counseling is designed to support you in every stage of recovery to meet you where you are in terms of treatment. We use the most effective approach of motivation and preparedness, offering convenient sessions, making the transition between various lifestyles seamless and attainable with success.  We specialize in ALL TYPES of addictions: Addiction resulting from child-hood traumas or grief of a loss loved one; Addiction resulting from emotional, verbal, physical and/or sexual abuse; Addiction resulting from bullying; Addiction developed from early exposures; Counseling services for Marchman Acts, drug possessions & DUI charges, & much more. 



Family Support

  Addiction affects everyone in the family.  We specialize in building healthy relationships and a good support system, which is why every family member is encouraged to further help and support the process by participating in their own Addiction Counseling. Understanding is key to relieving stress and pressures from daily living. 


You Are Not Alone!


You don't have to do it alone. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. If you or a loved one is struggling with any type of addiction, don't hesitate and get help today. We can get you on the road to recovery with guarantee. Get the support and understanding you need because you deserve a better life and a healthier you. Help is on the way with simply just a click of a button. 


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